Summer Academy

The FAE Summer Academy is an opportunity for 5-weeks of fun and challenging summer learning for under resourced children and families in our Skagit Valley communities.

In partnership with Skagit Valley College and local school districts, children preschool through grade eight receive transportation to and from the program, and two free meals each day.

Certified teachers and BIPOC college fellows, who are studying to be teachers, incorporate literacy and reading into a curriculum based on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Enrichment activities include music, art, and field trips! Each student receives one new book each week to build their own home library.

​The actual cost per student is about $2,000, but thanks to donations from generous supporters, along with grants and charitable contributions, FAE is able to offer the entire five-week program to families with an affordable low fee.

The FAE is a non-profit organization powered by volunteers who give tirelessly to the work at hand.

Incorporating STEM

  • Students work collaboratively through interesting STEM challenges

  • A wide variety of STEM career options are explored

  • We invite hands-on learning and exploration in all classrooms

We utilize the Boston Museum of Science Engineering Education curriculum in each classroom

“Our teachers utilize, embrace and foster children’s appreciation for and understanding of their cultural, ethnic, and language backgrounds.”